Connie - March 2019

Pack Boss has been with us through 4 dogs. Tim has walked all of them and now, some days, Renee walks our latest, Dori. Dori loves her! As long as we have a dog, we are staying with Pack Boss!

Barbara - November 2018

I contacted Pack Boss to walk my 2 dogs while I'm away at work and they have done a fantastic job! They go above and beyond, like the day my garage door battery died and Caitlin couldn't get in to walk my dog's. Tim came out and replaced the battery, got in, and walked them. It's so nice to not worry about my pups when I'm gone. I'm so thankful I contacted Pack Boss!

Mia - June 2018

Pack Boss has been super reliable and I like that! Our pups really love Caitlin.

Nancy - April 2018

Pack Boss has been walking our 2 dogs for some months, and has done a few overnights for us during the holidays. Tim and Renee, one of his walkers/sitters, do our walks and overnights. Our dogs love them both! They have both done a great job taking care of our dogs and keeping us informed when we were away. I have no doubt that my dogs, and my house were well looked after!

Dave and Ally - February 2018

We first started out with a few training sessions, which has helped tremendously. We wanted more structured walks for, our dog Ginny, and started having Tim walk her twice a week. It is going great and she does so much better for us when we walk her. Very happy to have found Pack Boss!

Cathy - October 2017

My work schedule changed and I needed a dog walker. I offen saw Tim walking a neighbor's dog and one day I asked him if he could walk my 2 dogs. They are a bit much to walk and do quite a bit of pulling and barking. I was sure he would have to walk them alone. He assured me that he could walk them with the neighbor's dog, and his dog, and he was right. He walked them all together! It was a very impressive picture, to see all of those dogs walking nicely together. Tim really knows dogs!

Anne - July 2017

I contacted Pack Boss to work with my 6 year old Jack Russell mix, Ollie. During the first session, I could already see results. He taught me how to communicate more effectively with Ollie. After only a few sessions with Tim I have been able to take Ollie to the dog park without incident and take him out for bicycle rides. Ollie and I are very pleased with the results of his training sessions and plan to continue to use Pack Boss's services.

Ami - May 2017

We rescued a young dog that we named Yardly. One of her front legs did not develope completely, but that didn't stop her from being crazy. Tim came out and was able to change her behavior, almost immediately. He showed us how to communicate to her in a language that she understood. He taught us how to speak dog. It took some doing but by the end of the session I was able to control Yardly's excitement level enough so our senior dog, who wanted nothing to do with Yardly, felt comfortable hanging out with us. This has changed our lives.

Dan and Robin - October 2016

Tim has been walking Arnie, our elderly Lab, Monday thru Friday for the past 3 years and doing a fantastic job. As time progressed and Arnie slowed down, Tim adjusted the visits to a short walk and just spending time with the old guy. Tim truly cares about Arnie and vice versa.

Dan - April 2016

Tim has been a trainer, a boarder, and a walker for me and my dog, Jackson. He is very professional. He knows what he is doing. One of his helpers, Sally, has been doing the walks for the past few months and I am very pleased with her, as well She is also great with Jackson. I highly recommend Pack Boss!

Candace and Clint - July 2015

We contacted Tim to work with our 9 month old headstrong Great Dane. The changes in her were immediate! Since that first visit he's walked her, at least, twice a week. We added another Great Dane to our family and now they both sit at the window ready and waiting for Tim to get here.

Cindy - January 2015

Tim really is the Pack Boss! Tim was our sitter and more for several years. Part of the pet-sitting involved socialization: Tim and his kids and his 2 dogs used to come over and play in the back yard with my 3 dogs or go for a run in the park. My dogs were always in good spirits when I got home.

Jen and Alex - November 2014

We just walked our dog without a leash! This would never been possible without Tim, he is amazing!!!

Dr. Susan - August 2014

Tim helped me so much with my Yorkie, Nugget. Nugget had a problem attacking other dogs, regardless of their size. Within an hour he transformed my dog. Thank you Pack Boss!!

Jen - June 2014

After just one visit, I cannot believe the difference that I can see in our one year old Frenchie! Tim worked with our 9 year old son to help him feel more comfortable and confident when handling his dog. We can't wait for our next visit to learn even more. We also are looking forward to having Tim take care of our pup when we go away on a day trip or vacation. We know that he will be in great hands! Thank you Pack Boss!

Karen - March 2014

Tim is an amazing animal care taker. I have 2 dogs and a cat that are my kids. I travel for work, so it's reassuring to be able to leave them in Tim's care because I know they'll be safe and well-cared for. While my reference might be enough, I do have to add that my cat does not like anyone but LOVES Tim which speaks volumes on his credibility.

Valeri - December 2013

Zenia loves the Pack Boss!!!!

Linda - June 2013

Amazing!!!! We have seen immediate results!!! We highly recommend Pack Boss!!!!!

Marian - March 2013

Thanks, Tim! I think you've worked a miracle.

Chuck and Lynn - November 2012

We highly recommend Tim Bruno for all your pet needs. Tim has been walking our dog Millie twice weekly since November, 2012. Our dog has many anxiety issues and physical limitations. Tim has been wonderfully patient and caring in dealing with all Millie’s difficulties.

In addition, we have used Tim’s pet sitting services on several occasions. It is a relief to know your pets are receiving high quality care while you are away. Tim goes over and above to provide a service to you and your pets. He is very professional and is a great communicator. Your pet’s needs are always his first priority.

Jamie and Ali - March 2012

In early 2012 my husband and I were new to Ohio...Our dogs, Julius and Trotter, who themselves are as different as night and day, took to him quickly. We trust Tim implicitly. He has never left us hanging or given us short notice regarding any potential absence. In fact, I don't think he's ever taken a day off unless it was due to a change in our schedule. Our dogs are cooped up all day, and words cannot explain the benefits of their daily walks with Tim - they're happier, healthier (Julius has shed a lb or 2) and less anxious. Tim has also popped in on our cat, Lilie, from time-to-time when we are out of town with the dogs. When a dog-man like Tim reports that Lilie was a joy, I know he's doing something right!

I would highly recommend Tim Bruno to anyone in the Columbus area looking for a dependable, engaged and responsible professional dog walker. Tim is our life-saver - from the routine schedule to the "Oops, I have to work late, could you..."!

The Pack!


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